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Do I need counseling?

Counseling is a tool to help you address life challenges, emotional difficulties, indecision, and mental health concerns. Counseling can help you develop skills to handle life’s challenges, and cope with difficult situations, and achieve your goals with support. Many people try to address their problems on their own and with the support of friends and family prior to attending counseling. The American Psychological Association recommends considering therapy when something causes distress and interferes with your life especially when: 

  • Thinking about, or coping with an issue takes up at least one hour of your day 

  • Your concerns cause you embarrassment, or to avoid others 

  • Your concerns have caused your quality of life to decrease 

  • An issue causes negative impacts on school, work, or relationships 

  • You’ve already made changes to your life to cope with the issue. 

If you’re not sure whether counseling is right for you, please contact me for a free phone consultation to discuss your options. 

Mental health counseling or career counseling – which is right for me?

Mental health and career concerns overlap, especially issues related to feeling overwhelmed, decision-making confusion, apathy, hopelessness, anxiety, and negative thoughts. Many with mental health concerns find their working life is impacted if these issues are not properly address, and similarly, when our work is unsatisfying, our mental health can certainly suffer. 
Many of my clients experience both mental health and career concerns, and often, one area will take focus of our sessions depending on your priorities. You are welcome to address both of these areas of concern in your sessions with me.

What is your approach to counseling?

I utilize an integrative approach drawing from multiple counseling approaches, including relational-cultural, person-centered, and narrative theories, and utilizing techniques from motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral, and acceptance and commitment therapies. With energy, creativity, and humor, my passion is to help you organize and understand your thoughts and emotions, especially when they are conflicting, confusing, and overwhelming. Ready

Is what we talk about confidential?

Your privacy and confidentiality are of utmost importance during your session. The content of your session, including both what we discuss and any associated progress notes, remain confidential unless you give me your written consent. The following situations will require me to break confidentiality: if you are at risk of seriously harming yourself or harming another person, if there is reason to suspect abuse or neglect of children, adults, or elders, or if counseling records are subpoenaed.

Do you accept insurance?

I do not accept insurance. This helps protect your confidentiality and allows us to focus on your progress in counseling without outside influence. As a private pay counselor, your rate will be the same at each session and you won’t have to worry about uncertainty about coverage or surprise bills. I do offer a sliding scale. You may be able to use out of network benefits from your insurance company to help pay for sessions. You may pay for your session through Venmo, Paypal, credit card, check, or your HSA or FSA.

How long will it take for me to feel better?

Counseling is a highly individualized process. The length of the counseling process will depend on your concerns, strengths, and challenges. Your suggested length of treatment will be tentative and revisited throughout your counseling experience. Many people report feeling better after their first counseling session because the session provides the opportunity for encouragement and feedback, and the ability to express things that may never have been discussed before in a supportive environment. If you feel you are making insufficient progress in counseling after a reasonable period of time, please discuss this with me to make sure that your treatment is on track and helpful to you.

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