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4 Career Lessons from Schitt's Creek

Like many of you, I adored the Canadian sitcom Schitt's Creek, which features the trails and tribulations of the wealthy Rose family, forced to rebuild their lives after they losing their fortune. They take residence in a rundown motel in the small town of Schitts Creek, a town they purchased as a joke during better days. In addition to being hilarious, I admire the flexibility and optimism demonstrated by the show's characters. Here are four of the top career lessons we can learn from Moira, Johnny, David, and Alexis.

1) Moria: Always leverage your transferrable skills. Wig connoisseur Moira Rose finds countless ways to utilize her skills gained as a soap opera star in Schitt's Creek, including acting in a winery commercial, directing a local production of Cabaret, and joining local a cappella group Jazzagals. Moria later goes on to leverage her unwavering confidence and joins the town council, using her gregarious nature to push for events that will promote Schitt's Creek.

2) Johnny: Embrace the seasons of life. Johnny's company Rose Video lost its fortune at the hands of a corrupt business manager, resulting in the Rose family's relocation to Schitt's Creek. Throughout the series, Johnny struggles to adjust to losing his identity as a business owner, but plays an essential role in encouraging his family to adjust to their new living arrangements. He utilizes his business acumen to provide logical advice to his family, encourages them to build new skills, and is an endless cheerleader to his children and his spouse. He goes on to become a manager of the Rosebud Hotel by the end of the series and builds a friendly professional relationship with the town mayor Roland Schitt. Johnny's character reminds us that prioritization of life roles including spouse, parent, friend, and community member can positively impact career satisfaction.

3) David: Stay true to yourself. Fussy, phobic, and lovable David struggles to adjust to small-town life in Schitt's Creek after previously working at art galleries in New York City. Despite being cast off as "too fancy" by others in Schitt's Creek, he remains true to his interests in fashion and aesthetics. He follows his passion to a store manager job at the Blouse Barn, and later opens up his own store called Rose Apothecary, selling lotions, coffee, and accessories (he explains it as "a general store, but also a very specific store."). His fastidiousness and flair for the dramatic allowed him to run a successful small business despite being initially questioned by others in the town.

4) Alexis: It is never too late to change your career. Kindhearted, oblivious, and generous, Alexis' career arc is perhaps the most dramatic in the show. At the start of the series, she is a "celebutante" who is doing community service as a result of a recent DWI. Initially, Alexis appears to be mostly focused on romantic prospects in Schitt's Creek, but she goes on to complete both her high school diploma and her college degree, and starts her own public relations company named Alexis Rose Communications, going on to organize a Single's week for the town and working as a publicist for her mom.

Each of the four main characters in Schitt's Creek demonstrate optimism, resilience, and risk-taking, all of which benefit their careers as they make the best of their unexpected sojourn to Schitt's Creek.

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