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Top 10 scariest & creepiest jobs of 2020

Many of us crave excitement and variety as part of our job. But what about risk, a sense of adventure, or a thrilling work environment? With the help of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in honor of Halloween, I present the top 10 scariest, creepiest, and downright most disturbing jobs of 2020:

10) Miners

Miners are subject to confined spaces and darkness on a daily basis while working to safely and efficiently removing minerals for use in manufacturing. Claustrophobic folks may wish to stay away!

9) Fishing for Alaskan Crab

Fishing for Alaskan crab may sound invigorating, but fishing has consistently been rated one of the most deadly occupations due to life-threatening hazards including falling overboard and diving accidents. Plus, in Alaska, fishers are subjected to unforgiving weather and ice cold water.

8) Pest control worker

In this job, you'll work with all manner of creepy-crawlies, including roaches, ants, bedbugs, mosquitoes, ticks, and termites, to remove, control, or eliminate them. Not only do pest-control workers interact with creatures many of us try to avoid, they are also exposed to dangerous pesticides.

7) Pilot

Air travel is an extremely safe form of travel, and that's in big part to pilots' training: they are trained to handle all types of crisis situations, including intense weather, unruly passengers, mechanical challenges and other emergencies.

6) Bomb technicans

Bomb technicians work under extremely stressful conditions to inspect, deactivate, and safely remove explosive devices. Bomb technicians undergo extensive training to avoid any mistakes - those with poor hand-eye coordinator need not apply!

5) Commercial divers

Many of us dream of snorkeling or scuba-diving to see marine life up close and personal. Commercial divers, however, operate heavy machinery, fix cracked and broken pipes, and lay foundation for concrete at depths at 200-300 feet below the ocean's surface!

4) Smoke jumper

As firefighters who arrive to the site of a wildfire via parachute, smoke jumpers have an incredibly arduous and dangerous job, and perform a vital service in protecting our forests from destructive fires.

3) Forensic Entomologist

Experts in all things insect-related, forensic entomologists study the life cycle of insects and arthropods on dead bodies to make an accurate estimation of how long someone has been deceased. They play an important (but disturbing!) role in crime scene investigations.

2) Morticians and undertakers

These important members of the death care services industry transport the bodies of the deceased and prepare the remains for funerals. Definitely not for the squeamish or faint of heart!

1) Field Epidemiologists

Of course, for 2020, the most dangerous job recognition must go to field epidemiologists. Epidemiologists conduct study on the spread of diseases, like COVID-19, by going to "hot zones," and often getting up close and personal with germs.

Still not thrilling enough for you? The Bureau of Labor Statistics keeps a list census of fatal and dangerous jobs!

Happy Halloween!

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