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Should I make a career change or a job change?

When considering making a change to your working life, you may be looking for a complete career change in a new industry. Or, you may be looking for a new role within your current industry that offers a different work environment, better benefits, or more flexibility. Perhaps you're not sure which move is right for you, but you know you need to make a change. Consider the following criteria to help you decide:

You might benefit from a job change if:

- You don't feel valued by your current employer.

- You are not sure about prospects for advancement in your field.

- You feel you are ready to move to the next step, but worry that your employer doesn't see it.

- You would be much happier in your role if you could change an aspect of your work such as your commute, salary, supervisor or work environment.

- You find yourself looking at job postings in your current field with interest.

- You still feel passion for your field, but not your current role.

- You can identify ways to increase your daily job satisfaction such as maintaining friendships at work or taking on new projects.

You might benefit from a career change if:

- The outlook of your current field is declining.

- You do not see opportunities for growth or new challenges in your field.

- You are so stressed at work that you feel your current job is detrimental to your health and wellness.

- When looking at opportunities in your field, you cannot imagine yourself doing that job.

- You have identified a hobby, interest, or skill set the could become a potential new career.

- You feel a lack of interest in your career, or are not motivated to learn new skills in your current field.

Which category best describes you? If you're still not sure which move is right for you, chatting with a career counselor can help you clarify your goals. If you've decided on the type of change you need, you are ready to create an action plan to close the gap between yourself and your goal!

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