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Who is hiring during COVID-19?

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Efforts to slow the spread of coronavirus have caused intense feelings of stress, anxiety, and uncertainty. Those who are unemployed, underemployed, looking for work, or considering a career change may be feeling particularly vulnerable, and unsure of how this pandemic will impact their chosen industry.

If you would like to conduct a job search or initiate a career change but feel overwhelmed - you aren't alone, and it is okay. Give yourself permission to take care of you and your family's immediate needs. Adjusting to this new (temporary) normal will take time.

For those who are proceeding with a job search, or have been recently laid off or become unemployed, the news isn't all bad. I've heard from some that job interviews are still proceeding, but have been moved to virtual formats to allow for social distancing. While some industries, such as food and beverage and hospitality, have been hit hard by the virus, others have vacancies and currently hiring. Occupations with largest number of new openings for March 2020 have been for registered nurse, communications associate, social worker, project manager, and technician. 66% of new postings occurred in states with high numbers of reported coronavirus infections including California, New York, and Washington.

Here is a list of companies with multiple openings (as of 3/29. I will keep this list updated every few days or as needed. You can use the search term #coronavirushiring on social media for the most recent postings).

Monroe County and RochesterWorks! are working to keep this page updated with new postings specific to the Rochester area.


CVS Health has accelerated hiring for many positions including licensed practical nurse, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and more. Telehealth companies like American Well need health care providers to help meet the need for telemedicine.

Food and beverage

While many restaurant workers are unable to work right now, companies like Domino's are adding delivery drivers.

Transportation and logistics

Amazon is planning to add 100,000 jobs to meet increased demand.


Walmart, Dollar tree, and 7-Eleven plan to add 200,000 temporary employees. Your local grocery store may also be adding positions to help with re-stocking efforts, and to meet the increased demand for grocery delivery services like Instacart.


Payment apps like PayPal, Square, and Cashapp are expecting to add positions. Video conferencing software companies Zoom, Slack, and Microsoft Teams have openings.


With the sudden increase in demand for online learning, Outschool is hiring.


Local, state, and federal government offices need help in managing their response to the coronavirus, including work in epidemiology.

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